Are you looking for a reliable used metal detector? We offer certified and tested used Goring Kerr metal detectors for a wide range of applications.  Our inventory is constantly changing both by application and buy model type.

Purchase used Goring Kerr metal detectors

Used Goring Kerr Metal Detector
Used Goring Kerr Metal Detector

Let us know more about your application and we will contact you directly with the correct metal detector system.Technician tested and setup for your application each used Goring Kerr metal detection system is ready to go once you receive it.

Common Used Goring Kerr Metal Detectors

Goring Kerr made thousands of well engineered metal detectors the history of Goring Kerr goes back decades.  All used Goring Kerr used  metal detector models can be found in all most every industry out their.

Models found on the used market

  • DSP 3
  • DSP 2
  • DSP 2S
  • DSP 1
  • TEK 21
  • Tektamet

All of these models were manufactured in a range of system designs from dry applications to wet wash down.

Buying used metal detectors

With the large number of used metal detectors on the market it’s often hard to know where to start.  You can pick up used conveyor metal detectors from any number of machine wholesalers to Ebay. When purchasing a used machine often the Goring Kerr Manual is missing.  Make sure you purchase one before you plug it in.