We provide a range of products and services for all Goring Kerr model metal detectors.  Our international team of sales and service professionals offer unparalleled experience and application knowledge  of metal detection equipment.

About Goring Kerr

Goring Kerr founding partners
Goring Kerr founding partners

Goring Kerr is known the world over as the leader in metal detection equipment.  Founded in 194o’s by Bruce Goring Kerr and David Hiscock this British company lead the way for metal contaminate detection in industrialized food production.  From its early days Goring Kerr lead the way with innovative technologies that are still used today.  The Tektamet model was instrumental in advancing the bakery industries food safety programs.  Years after the DSP 1 metal detector broke new ground with advanced digital signal processing system resulted in an unseen increase  detection capabilities.  Today the Goring Kerr DSP model metal detectors are still the most advanced of their kind and often used as the benchmark system.

History Of Goring Kerr

Since 1948, Thermo Goring Kerr has been setting the world standards in the design and manufacture of Contaminant Detection systems.

To ensure the highest quality product is being consistently delivered, our customers in the food industry require increasingly sensitive and sophisticated detection equipment. The 426 Pipeline Metal
Detection System has been developed to inspect pumped products such as meat emulsions, poultry filet, jam, sauces and dairy products.

Major Developments

    3 Coil Metal Detector
    Auto Balance
    Auto Phase
    Auto Residual
    DSP Technology

The compact design includes a rotary activated valve, inspection piping, metal detector search head and the FRL (filter, regulator and lubricator). The USDA approved system can be ceiling suspended or floor mounted. The control panel can be mounted to the frame of a 426 system or to a remote location in your plant. The extremely sensitive balanced coil system utilizes a 24-bit Digital Signal Processor, which is far superior to the standard micro-processor used in other metal detectors.
Our DSP technology ensures higher sensitivity with fewer false rejects and greater dependability. Designed with the user in mind, Thermo Goring Kerr’s metal detection system is easy to program and use; the touch-key panel allows either direct or remote access to all functions and operations.


DSPNet™, a Windows-based software, is available as an option to network all the metal detectors and involves only a simple connection to RS-485 or RS-232 port of a PC computer. With modem connections, our Service Engineers can access your metal detectors from any location around the world. By its commitment to quality, on-going research and development, and world-wide technical support, Thermo Goring Kerr has made itself a global leader in metal detectors.

Thermo Electron Corporation provides advanced solutions for online and offline instrumentation. Thermo’s Goring Kerr DSP3 Metal Detector is an efficient and highly sensitive solution for process and end-of-line applications, primarily in food and consumer industries. This metal detector is backed by a company with more than 50 years experience providing high quality metal detector systems. Goring Kerr was one of the world’s first metal detector companies, established in 1948.

Thermo Electron acquired Goring Kerr in 1999. Goring Kerr was the first company to incorporate DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology in metal detectors. This technology has been refined to ensure that the DSP3 sets the industry standard for achievable detection sensitivity. Increased sensitivity, without parallel improvements in stability,
can cause wasteful, inefficient and false product rejection. Thermo recognizes this important factor by incorporating experienced mechanical design with special software techniques that provide this metal detector with both high sensitivity and high stability. The unit is constructed from stainless steel or aluminum to meet the strict, modern hygiene standards of the food industry. Every aspect of reliability has been taken into account in the design, including failsafe features. AuditCheck,™ a unique and patented device that validates the performance of the metal detector, is incorporated into the Goring Kerr DSP3.