DSP 2 installation manual for model 402 systems

Download Goring Kerr metal detector manualWhen installing a gravity feed metal detector such as the Goring Kerr Model 402 specific requirements must be followed.  The model 402 is used in applications where free flowing products are passing by the metal detector and contaminated materials are automatically rejected.  This inline system allows for uninterrupted inspection and rejection of product.  Its compact size and quick response characteristics make this system ideal for grain, plastics or dairy products.

Included in the installation manual

The following topics are covered in the Goring Kerr DSP 2 manual in the installation section.  This manual is applicable for all system models including Model 402, Model 426, Conveyor metal detectors, T7, lumber, paper and more.

In the installation section

  • Mechanicall installation
  • Electrical installation
  • Power connections
  • Common reject device connections
  • Control panel interconnections
  • How to connect the search head correctly

Manuals for used metal detectors

As with many automation machines the industrial metal detector must be installed correctly in order to meet peak and reliable performance goals.  Too often this equipment is purchased used and missing key installation components.  Buyers of used equipment can reduce costly service calls and lengthy troubleshooting by following the step by step instructions within the manual.  Each manual written by the manufacturer illustrates exactly how to install mechanically and electrically your metal detector.  Simple errors often made when installing a used system can be avoided by following the manuals guidelines.  See our full lineup of all installation and operation manuals on our Goring Kerr manuals page.

Goring Kerr founded the industrial metal detector back in the early 1900's. Since then they have engineered a wide range of metal detectors used throughout the world. Well known for their food metal detectors Goring Kerr can be found in bakery, pharmaceutical, lumber, plastic, textile and grain applications. Through the years they have manufactured models including the DSP 3, DSP 2, DSP 1, Tek 21 and Tektamet to name a few. Still today you will find Goring Kerr metal detectors 40 years old operating and detecting metal as well as many of today's new machines.

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