Goring Kerr RF board Fault

Ever since Goring Kerr began production of industrial metal detection equipment they have incorporated some type of fault detection system.  The RF board fault started with the DSP series of metal detectors and is one of the more critical fault systems within the metal detector.

What causes an RF board fault?

RF Board Fault Goring Kerr
RF Board Fault Goring Kerr

There are a number of factors that can contribute to an RF board fault in the DSP metal detectors.  At the core of the metal detectors electronics is a digital signal processor or DSP.  This is the brains of the system and does everything from determining when there is metal to monitoring various fault inputs.

Common RD board fault sources

  1. 24 volt power supply
  2. Secondary fuses
  3. Faulty wire connections
  4. Cut cables

For more information on the Goring Kerr fault system for your specific metal detector check out our Goring Kerr manual page.

Goring Kerr founded the industrial metal detector back in the early 1900's. Since then they have engineered a wide range of metal detectors used throughout the world. Well known for their food metal detectors Goring Kerr can be found in bakery, pharmaceutical, lumber, plastic, textile and grain applications. Through the years they have manufactured models including the DSP 3, DSP 2, DSP 1, Tek 21 and Tektamet to name a few. Still today you will find Goring Kerr metal detectors 40 years old operating and detecting metal as well as many of today's new machines.