Goring Kerr Manuals

Goring Kerr (also known as Thermo Goring Kerr and Graseby Goring Kerr) has a wide range of metal detector models. Each system requires a specific manual with some requiring two manuals, such as the Model DSP 1.Correct setup of your metal detection system is critical for peak performance and reliable detection. Reducing waste product from false rejects and user frustration every manual is designed to walk you through all critical setup perimeters.

DSP 3 Manual

Goring Kerr DSP 3 metal detector manual.

DSP 2 Manual

Goring Kerr DSP 2 metal detector manual.

DSP 2S Manual

Goring Kerr DSP 2S metal detector manual.

DSP 1 Installation Manual

Goring Kerr DSP 1 Installation manual.

Tektamet 2 Manual Manual

Goring Kerr Tektamet 2 manual.

DSP 1 User Manual

Goring Kerr DSP 1 User manual.

TEK 21Manual

Goring Kerr TEK 21 metal detector manual.

Each Goring Kerr manual is divided in to two sections. The first section is the mechanical installation of all major components. This includes items such as;

  • Power hook-up
  • Reject device wiring
  • Fault system wiring
  • Search head cable connection

The second, is the operational setup for the specific control panel. This is where you adjust the metal detector electronics to match your specific product. Each model has a different process for setup and is covered in the appropriate manual. Common settings are;

  • Phase angle adjsutment
  • Sensitivity control
  • Reject delay and duration timing
  • Fault system settings

When installing a metal detector it’s important to follow both the mechanical installation requirements, search head mounting, metal free area, etc… as well the control setup. Omitting either step typically results in erratic performance or lower than expected sensitivity. For more helpful information on the correct use and operation of all models check out the Goring Kerr resource center.