Metal free area or zone for a metal detector

While the detector is shielded above, below and on the sides, metal objects have to be kept from the entrance and exit of the detector opening as shown below. No metal can be located in this area. Large moving metal should be kept fifty (50) percent further away or at least two (2) times the smaller aperture dimension. There are special models available for operation in areas which require smaller metal free areas.

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Metal Free Area

Metal Free Area or Zone
Metal Free Area or Zone

Goring Kerr founded the industrial metal detector back in the early 1900's. Since then they have engineered a wide range of metal detectors used throughout the world. Well known for their food metal detectors Goring Kerr can be found in bakery, pharmaceutical, lumber, plastic, textile and grain applications. Through the years they have manufactured models including the DSP 3, DSP 2, DSP 1, Tek 21 and Tektamet to name a few. Still today you will find Goring Kerr metal detectors 40 years old operating and detecting metal as well as many of today's new machines.

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